Award winning grid battery energy storage system product from BYD.

Containerised Battery Energy Storage System for Utility


BYD commercial energy storage solutions are ideal for large facilities to manage their energy more efficiently. Please contact us to request case studies and its applications for hospitals, airports, farms etc.

Invenergy – Grand Ridge Energy Storage (31 MW)

2015 ESNA Innovation Award Solution Overview Invenergy’s Grand Ridge Energy Storage, with a 31.5 MW power rating, is located in La Salle County, Illinois, and is the second-largest lithium battery storage project in the world. The project began commercial operation in May 2015 and utilises BYD’s Containerised Energy Storage System. Grand Ridge is the largest.

Invenergy – Beech Ridge Energy Storage (31 MW)

The Invenergy Beech Ridge Energy Storage Facility came online in July 2016 with a further 31.5 MW of energy storage provided by BYD’s containerised energy storage system (taking the combined BYD ESS capacity to 63 MW). Invenergy has more than 100 MW of energy storage projects in operation, in construction, and in development in the United States, making it one of the largest energy storage companies in the world.